We Want Wednesday Feature (001)

WWWF will showcase an artist every Wednesday.

The idea is to put a face to the music and help broaden listeners’ minds to more than just the sound.

Jamie Roberts, better known as Blawan, is a Techno/UK Garage producer from the UK. He has released across a variety of labels, including: Hessle Audio, Black Sun Records, and Hinge Finger.

His reputation went up a notch when he got the chance to sign on R & S Records with his two EPs: “Bohla” and “What You Do With What You Have”.

Things only got better when he decided to start his own label, Works The Long Nights, with Pariah. This is also where Karenn was born, a collaboration between the two founders.

There is only good ahead of Jamie, a new live show with Pariah, tracks getting charted by several artists, and massive hype generated across the Techno community.

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