Kannibalen Records

Music producing machine, Karluv Klub, brings out another banging track on Kannibalen Records’ “Kannibals At The Beach“.

Even after releasing several singles, this Czech blooded youngster still manages to keep his sound fresh and varied; something that’s very welcomed in the music scene of today.

Head out for Beatport if you’d like to grab this fantastic track or the whole EP featuring other great artists.

A very interesting and successful collaboration between Montreal’s Karluv Klub and Kai Wachi from the United States.

Grab your free copy and follow these two producers closely for more banging tracks in the near future.

There are rumors going around that Montreal producer Karluv Klub and Huoratron were dipped in the same holy water of ELECTROTRASH.
With a heavy theme on war and destruction, any electrotrash fan will greatly appreciate this sound.
Taking his inspiration from artists such as Huoratron and DJ Antention, Karluv Klub aspires to bring something different to the table.
Make way for this young producer’s very first EP April 10, 2012 on Kannibalen Records; with remixes by Geometry and Samuel iEtto.

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