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    Support by: Alex Gopher, Etienne de Crecy, The Loops of Fury, Shinichi Osawa, Mixhell, Steve Aoki, Crookers, Boris Dlugosch, Sharooz, Arveene & Misk, Don Rimini, Nickel (Ex Hey Today!), Ego Troppers, Keith & Supabeatz, Joachim Garraud, Maxime Dangles, Gooseflesh, Peo de Pitte, Zero Cash, Blende, Nick Catchdubs, Henzel & Disco Nova, Larry Tee, Elektropusher, Lazy Ants…

    Label: GND Records
    Catalogue Number: GN013
    Release Date: 03/02/2012
    Artist: THE SNEEKERS
    Release Title: SPLASH EP

    After the amazing success of the Modern Pleasure EP, their got major support from big names such as Alex Gopher, Etienne de Crecy, Mumbai Science, Kissy Sell Out, Boris Dlugosch, The Loops of Fury… The Sneekers just finished their second EP on GND Records. Splash EP is called the new EP and all three tracks are designed for peak time sets. This is definitely one of the most remarkable releases of early 2012!!! Early Support by Etienne de Crecy, The Loops of Fury and Boris Dlugosch…

    Track Number Title Mix Duration

    1 G.A.S. Original Mix 04:56
    2 Heroes Original Mix 04:01
    3 Splash (Part 1) Original Mix 04:40


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