Gesaffelstein – Rise Of Depravity [Bromance #4]

Gesaffelstein rises from his slumber, following his remix of “Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans” and unreleased remix of “Zombie Zombie – Rocket n°9“, here’s his EP coming out on Bromance.

“Rise Of Depravity” reflects Gesaffelstein‘s idea of what a survival horror movie would sound like if it was set on a zombie infested dancefloor. The kind of track that creeps up on you while you least expect it and leaves you mesmerized.

“Belgium” follows the more common, yet exceptional, techno style Gesaffelstein succeeds at leaving his signature mark to. It’s simply massive and ground pounding; every single muscle on your body will want to dance and you will not be able to control yourself.

Release date : July 9, 2012
Catalog number : BRO-004

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